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Creating a Guest Room Visitors will Love

As the leaves turn and the breeze cools, we enter what we call “visitor season”. This is the time of year that brings high traffic guests coming through your home. Whether it’s your family for Thanksgiving or friends with an open schedule after a busy summer, your guest room is about to get some serious use. It can feel overwhelming to get your spare room in shape for visitors so we have some great tips that will make it easy to transform a lackluster room into a beautiful space for your visitors.

Make Closet Space or Purchase a Luggage Rack
Using the closet in the spare room to stow away the things you don’t use everyday is a given but guests deserve a little clutter-free space to hang up their clothes and store their big luggage. We recommend clearing out the guest room closet or purchasing a luggage rack for your visitors to use. We love this one from Plantation, our trusted furniture and accessories shop in Hayes Valley. While usually functioning as a stool, the brown or beige leather means that it can easily transition to another spot in your home when not needed in the guest bedroom.

Fresh Flowers
Here’s a simple one, fresh flowers. A few colorful blossoms or a small bouquet adds warmth and a personalized welcome for your guests. A small bud vase is the perfect addition to bedside tables and will leave plenty of space for a lamp or jewelry tray. A formal arrangement isn’t necessary – pick up a few bunches at the local farmers market, trim the ends, and place them in a vase.

Fresh Bedding
There are few luxuries as wonderful as good bedding. Crisp, clean, and comfortable sheets will make your visitors feel relaxed and special. For an extra touch, add a new throw at the foot of the bed and a few accent pillows. Guests will love retiring to a bed with so many thoughtful details.


New Art
If you have a piece of art that doesn’t have a space in your home yet or one that you’re taking out of rotation for while, hang it in the guest room. It will give the space a comfy feel and complete the room. Larger pieces can be hung above the bed to center the room and smaller pieces can go on the bedside table and styled with fresh flowers.

Add a Bench
Sometimes after a long flight or a traffic-filled drive, guests need a minute. Placing a bench at the foot of the bed is an inviting spot for guests to take a breath and re-group before they unpack. A bench can also be used as a convenient landing spot for luggage. It’s not only functional but it adds a finished quality to the room that makes it feel cohesive with the rest of the home.


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