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Design Myth Busted: Mixing Metals

I don’t know when, or how, or why this design “rumor” started, but I’m going to put it to rest right now – yes, you can mix metals. And I’m going to tell you how to do it tastefully and expertly. Turn on your satin brass reading lamp, settle down next to your polished nickel side table, and read on for my interior designer tips!

Credit: Coddington Design/David Duncan Livingston Photography

Stick with one dominant metal

Let one metal rule, and accent with others. By mixing another metal into the scheme, you can bring balance and harmony to the space. In this gentleman’s dressing room, we focused on dark bronze as the dominant metal and accented with aged brass, which brings a stylish sophistication to the room.

Credit: Coddington Design/David Duncan Livingston Photography

Layer on other materials

You can create a put-together, intentional vibe by mixing the other materials in the space as well as the metals. In this cozy coastal kitchen, we mixed aged bronze and aged silver cabinet hardware with satin nickel window hardware and light switches, and we didn’t stop there! A dark natural stone countertop is paired with a modern white quartz countertop, and we incorporated three different cabinet finishes: walnut, rustic, and painted. It really has that lived-in, “assembled over time” vibe, doesn’t it?

Let the accent metal be the star

When sticking to a dominant metal, consider letting the accent metal become the focus. It really gives intention to the design and draws the eye to the stand-out pieces in the room. Check out the copper accents in this Oakland Hills kitchen we designed – playful and stylish!

Credit: Coddington Design/Vivian Johnson Photography

Limit the lustre

Shiny objects attract attention. We’ve all been working from home long enough to know this. Stick to more matte finishes such as satin, aged, natural or brushed, and limit the polished. The low-lustre metals will create harmony even if they are varying shades of black, gold, copper or silver. In our Pink Rose’ Lounge we designed for the San Francisco Decorator’s Showcase, we mixed bronze, aged brass, and copper, all in satin or low-lustre finishes so that the unique forms really become the focus.

If you’re still unsure how to mix your metals in your own home, we can help. Book your Discovery Call with Coddington Design to get the experts on the job!


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