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An Interior Designer’s Secrets to Enjoy Every Room in Your Home

Let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we? Yup, I’m talking about those pristine teacups gathering dust, the fancy linen napkins hiding in a drawer, and those embroidered hand towels reserved solely for holidays.

We’ve all been there, hoarding the beautiful items in our home for some elusive “special occasion”. Enough already. It’s time to stop waiting and start living it up in every room in your house. Yes, even the bathroom…

Today, I’m spilling the tea on some no-nonsense design secrets that won’t require a complete overhaul. You’ll want to save this one…

coddington-design-bay-area-ca-interior-designers-guide-enjoying-every-room-navy-blue-custom-millwork-gold-accents-luxury-living-roomPhotography by David Duncan Livingston

Refine & Rejuvenate Your Kitchen

While your kitchen might require a full-reno (we can help with that, too), chances are it can always benefit from a little TLC. After all, design is in the details. 

Enhance the ordinary: Transform those everyday essentials that sit on your countertops with thoughtfully curated pieces. Utilitarian olive oil dispensers and mismatched mugs? Goodbye. Replace them with beautifully crafted carafes and a curated collection of mugs. Trust me, pretty things make the most mundane tasks a little more enjoyable.

Embellish with art: While the kitchen may not be the first place you’d think to hang art, it’s an unexpected way to infuse the space with personality and flair. Curated art can be a great conversation starter, and let’s be real, way more interesting to look at than the weekly dinner menu clinging to the fridge.

Elevate your bar area: Level-up your bar cart, shelf, or wet bar with elegant barware and gorgeous stemware. Perfect for entertaining guests, but just as practical for a typical evening unwind. Because you deserve fancy even on a Tuesday.

coddington-design-marin-ca-interior-designer-secrets-enjoying-every-room-luxury-kitchen-renovation-custom-cabinetry-brass-hardware-tile-backsplashPhotography by David Duncan Livingston

Liven Up Your Living Room

Infuse your living room with personal pieces that inspire, entertain, and spark conversation. Remember: it’s not just about how your room looks but how you live in it.

Introduce a touch of nature: Plants can breathe life into a space – literally. Whether it’s a small potted plant or a striking floral arrangement, nature will rejuvenate any room.

Style with books: Eye-catching coffee table books make for great conversation starters and add a thoughtful, personalized touch to your decor. 

Have a little fun: If space allows, consider incorporating a game table adorned with a distinctive chess set or classic board game. It’s a playful way to entertain guests and break away from the usual TV and scroll routine. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right?

coddington-design-tiburon-ca-interior-designers-secrets-enjoying-every-room-cozy-family-room-custom-built-ins-custom-sectionalPhotography by Vivian Johnson

Craft a Distinguished Dining Room

If your dining room feels more like a catch-all than a curated space for entertaining, it’s time for a change.

Mix and match: Experiment with a collection of varying chairs or adding unique patterned seat cushions for visual interest.

Add ambiance: Go bold with your light fixtures. Whether it’s a sculptural chandelier above the table or eye-catching sconces to flank your buffet, lighting is a great way to set the vibe and illuminate your space with style. 

Dine in style: The dining room is the perfect place to showcase your cherished stemware and dishware collection. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or ordering in, every occasion feels special when using the pieces you love.

coddington-design-mill-valley-ca-interior-designer-secrets-enjoying-every-room-dining-room-blue-patterened-wallpaper-modern-art-upholstered-chairsPhotography by Vivian Johnson

Create a Bedroom Sanctuary

Is your bedroom a serene retreat or laundry dumping zone? With a few minor adjustments, we can transform your bedroom from chaos to calm. Guaranteed.

Set the mood: Create a cozy, inviting atmosphere with ambient lighting. Installing a dimmer switch is an easy way to create a calming mood in an instant. Perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Lounge in luxury: Treat yourself by adding a comfy lounge chair for a spot to sip your morning coffee (or escape the madness of your household.)

Upgrade your linens: Elevate your bedding with an end-of-bed blanket and accent pillows. This is the perfect spot to play with color and pattern to add visual interest and personality.

coddington-design-ross-ca-interior-designers-secrets-enjoying-every-room-bedroom-organic-materials-neutral-palettePhotography by David Duncan Livingston

Go Bold in the Bathroom

Every corner of your home deserves to be enjoyed… even the bathroom. Embrace bold design choices to spice up this often-overlooked space in your home.

Elevated artwork: Add carefully curated artwork to complement the space and add visual interest.

Unique lighting: Choose distinctive wall sconces to infuse bathroom personality and ambiance.

Statement wallpaper: Don’t be afraid to make a statement with striking wallpaper. You can go the elegant route, or have fun with it. We opted for the latter in our San Francisco Modern Project. 

Take a peek at the black and white alien toile wallpaper below. At first glance, it seems like a traditional print. After doing a double-take, guests will delight in discovering the unassuming UFOs abducting campers, adding a bit of laughter and a touch of whimsy to the bathroom.

coddington-design-bay-area-ca-interior-designer-secrets-enjoying-every-room-unique-bathroom-wallpaper-black-and-whitePhotography by Vivian Johnson

Every room in your house should be a source of joy. With thoughtful design choices, you can create a space that reflects your personality and invites you to enjoy the hell out of every single moment.

Whether you’re considering a full-scale renovation or want to refresh a few areas with a designer’s touch, we’ve got your back.



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