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Translating Your Pinterest Vision into Reality (The Designer Way)

Staring longingly at your Pinterest boards and dreaming of a home that reflects your favorite images? You’re not alone. But before you grab a million paint swatches and attempt it on your own, it’s important to understand that turning those dreamy pins into reality is more than just a copy-paste job.

Our approach involves understanding and translating your individual vision into a personalized haven. Here’s how we do it…

Step 1: Exploring Your Likes & Dislikes

It’s time to show us your boards. And no, we’re not just looking for pretty pictures. Throughout our process (and always), transparency is encouraged. If you don’t like something, give it to us straight. The truth is, your dislikes are just as important as your likes. In fact, we have all of our clients create an “I don’t like this” board. This ensures your finished spaces include only the things you love, and nothing you don’t.

From here, we’ll sort through everything and determine if your Pinterest boards showcase a cohesive theme or a kaleidoscope of styles. This helps us strike the perfect balance and create a space that feels personal to you.


Step 2: Decoding Your Design DNA

Feeling lost in the land of aesthetics? No worries, we’ve got you covered. If you haven’t already, take our style quiz for a fun way to explore your design preferences. And if you find yourself leaning towards multiple styles, that’s okay. We’ll create something fresh by blending your preferences together.

Our team will dig deep to uncover any recurring patterns and colors throughout your boards. These common threads are valuable clues, offering us a deeper understanding of your vision. By deciphering these preferences, we can tailor our designs to be a perfect reflection of you. (The ultimate goal, right?)

coddington-design-marin-ca-translating-pinterest-vision-to-reality-blue-gray-bathroom-luxury-bathroom-brass-accents-free-standing-tubPhotography by David Duncan Livingston

Step 3: Presenting Your Vibe

Once we narrow down your personal aesthetic, we’ll create and present two distinct design directions, each with its own vibe. Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure for your home. This visual experience allows you to compare and contrast different styles, helping us zero in on the one that resonates most.

Spoiler Alert: Decision fatigue is real. But don’t worry. We’re experts in guiding you along and refining your vision by asking all the right questions.

coddington-design-tiburon-ca-translating-pinterest-vision-to-reality-california-modern-bedroom-organic-elements-neutral-tonesPhotography by David Duncan Livingston

Step 4: Your Space, Your Story

We don’t just want to replicate a Pinterest board… we want to create a space that tells your story. That’s why we go beyond aesthetics, incorporating meaningful touches that make your space feel like you. Think family heirlooms, collectibles, vintage treasures, or even a conversation-starting piece of art. 

Incorporating personal elements brings life into your space, combining the style you love with reflections of who you are and how you live. This is what takes your home from Pinterest to personal.

coddington-design-marin-ca-pinterest-to-reality-transitional-interior-design-coffee-table-booksPhotography by Vivian Johnson

Step 5: Setting the Stage for Reality

In the land of Pinterest perfection, it’s important to remember that real life isn’t always airbrushed and filtered (and now, AI generated). Leave it to us to manage your expectations by reminding you that those stunning images you’ve saved might have some tricks up their sleeves (ahem…enhanced lighting.)

It’s important to remember that your space will have its own distinct character and may not look exactly like the crafted (or fake) images you see online. But trust me, our team will design a purposeful space that’s even more beautiful than anything you could find on the internet.

So, when you’re ready to transform your Pinterest dreams into a lived reality, you know where to find us.



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