Full Service Design Process


Deep listening is a big part of how we create the most personalized spaces for our clients. We start by asking you questions, paying attention to what you are saying along with what you aren’t. We corral all those bits and pieces, half-formed thoughts, partially decorated rooms and put together an organized plan to tackle one room at a time.


We take your style quiz results, your Pinterest pins, your Instagram saves, check out your current house and save all the good stuff. We edit out the impractical ideas, the things that simply won’t match, and help you Marie Kondo the heck out of your ideas.


We measure your space, create construction documents and create renderings so you know everything fits, functions, and works together.


We scour the globe for pieces that reflect your personal style that all work together. We take the best and show it to you for your approval.


For projects involving construction, we visit the site, communicate with the builders and architects to make sure your vision is executed on time and on budget.


We have decades of experience at Coddington Design and this is a critical part of literally any home renovation or decoration. We constantly track your items and send you weekly updates with details about when to expect your goodies. Custom, bespoke, luxury, handmade home furnishings are not mass-produced. They are made to order and truly worth the wait.


The big reveal to your perfect design is here!