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How to Design an Entryway that Greets You

Think of your entryway design as the handshake of your home. Would you prefer a clammy, limp handshake? A vigorous, slightly erratic one? A relaxed yet confident one? If I had to guess, I’d say you would probably go for that last one. After a long day of balancing work, kids’ activities, and a last-minute trip to the grocery store, that’s a handshake that feels like it’s on your side.

Long metaphor, yes, but it’s true. Your entryway sets the tone of your home, for you and for guests. If you walk into a space scattered with everything from shoes to library books that are past due, I guarantee you won’t feel like you’re walking into a sanctuary after a busy day. So, what can you do about it? 

More than you might think. Today I’m sharing 8 tips to help you design an entryway that greets you the way you want to be greeted.

1. Keep It Clutter-Free

Feel good about walking into your home with a clutter-free and open space. Designate spaces for your keys, bags, shoes, and coats. Having a specific home for all these allows you to toss them where they belong, and it still looks neat. Bonus? You’ll find everything much more easily when rushing out the door.

2. Create a Defined Entryway

The entryway should set the tone yet feel separate from the rest of the house. If your entry flows directly into your main living space, you can define it by changing the paint color and adding a small area rug (not an entry mat – think a 4’ x 6’ area rug) and a console table.

3. Select Smaller Scale Furniture

You don’t want to be bumping into a large console table or have oversized furniture blocking doors. Since entryways are generally smaller, think space-saving furniture. If you have enough space, a bench is also an excellent addition for a landing spot to slip off your pumps. Again, it doesn’t have to be large, just enough space to sit quickly and comfortably.

Photographer: David Duncan Livingston

4. Add a Personal Touch

When you walk into your home, give yourself a shot of serotonin with a personal touch. It can be anything that makes you happy and gives you those warm and fuzzy vibes. For example, hang a family portrait, a fabulous art piece, or even fresh flowers.

5. Welcoming Lighting

Welcoming and warm lighting is always a good idea. Consider adding a table lamp to your entryway console. Worried about leaving the lights on? There’s an app for that. If you don’t have space for a console table, select a statement pendant or semi-flush mount to set the tone for your home and highlight your space.

6. Alluring Walls

The impact is unforgettable when you make bold choices in a small space. Walls are the perfect place to take a chance on an eye-catching design. Set the tone with fun wallpaper, stand-out paint color, or bold artwork. (More tips for sprucing up your wall decor here.)

7. Durable Flooring Material

Your entryway is a high-traffic space and the first surface those dirty shoes hit when returning from the outside world. For this reason, your floor should be able to handle moisture and mud. Fabulous tile is a great way to differentiate the flooring in this area. Not only does it look fantastic, but it’s an easy-to-clean surface that can stand up to muddy shoes and paws.

Photographer: David Duncan Livingston

Ready to create an entryway that has you smiling as you enter the door? That’s what we do. Reach out to us here to learn more about how we can work together. 




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