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Interior Design in 2023: Navigating Challenges, Celebrating Wins, and Looking Ahead


Always evolving, I’m on a perpetual quest to become the best version of myself. Continuously challenging the status quo, I find myself asking: How can I lead more effectively? How can we elevate our client experience? And how can Coddington Design continue to grow — not just for the sake of growth, but in more impactful ways?

Navigating the daily rollercoaster of ambition, drive, and the occasional self-critique is par for the course. In retrospect, I approach my past with more patience and understanding than ever before. Why? Reflection is the secret sauce that keeps our design firm human and ego-free — the recipe for results that make everyone happy.

In 2023, we embraced professional highs, celebrated personal victories, and naturally faced a few hurdles as a team — each of these providing fuel for our commitment to the long game. Here’s what we’ve been up to this year and how it’s setting us up for success in 2024…

Celebrating Professional Milestones


1. Selling Sungrown Studio: In a delightful turn of events, my cannabis retail design studio found a new home with a devoted long-time team member. Letting go can be hard, but honestly, in this case it’s best for everyone. Sungrown Studio is now expanding to new heights, freeing me up to refocus 100% of my efforts on Coddington Design’s core passion. Success.

2. Evolution of Designer on Demand: Our Designer on Demand service continues to be a fan favorite. This year, it underwent a wildly successful road test that wouldn’t have been possible without your candid feedback. After all, this service is about you being the boss.

3. Continued Growth and Recognition: Being recognized as the top LGBTQI+ company in the Bay Area and earning a spot on the esteemed Inc. 5000 list have been significant acknowledgments. A true testament of our team’s unwavering dedication. I won’t lie — it feels good to have our hard work recognized.

Nothing good comes easy, right? Along with all of our achievements, we’ve also experienced our fair share of challenges.

Overcoming the Challenges of 2023


1. Navigating Industry Struggles: In the face of global economic challenges, we weathered the storm with sustained revenue growth — something we’re definitely proud of. But witnessing the broader industry struggle has been a sobering experience to say the least.

2. Post-Covid Lead Times: Now three years later, we’re still working through the lingering effects of post-Covid lead times. Rough. This unfortunate reality has become the norm in our industry and we’re doing all we can to combat this challenge as best we can.

3. Exciting 2024 Projects: Camera-shy clients in recent years have led to a temporary hiatus in sharing new projects. However, we’re thrilled to announce a promising slate of dream projects for 2024, including an exciting estate project on Maui and a breathtaking beachfront modern home in Carmel. Get excited.

Personal Wins and Moving Forward


Professional victories aside, a few personal highlights from the year: my home underwent yet another successful extensive remodel (big reveal coming soon), Portugal won our hearts (we’ll be back), and amidst the chaos of life, I resisted the urge to get bangs. Small wins.

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re here to support you in living your best life at home. If you’re looking for a done-for-you service, some tailored expert guidance, or a bit of both, we’d love to meet you where you are. Reach out to us here and let’s discuss your vision.



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