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Case Study: Discovering Your Personal Design Style


Discovering your personal design style isn’t always a straightforward journey. You might start the process ready to cover your home in refined luxe elements, only to find your inner Joanna Gaines taking flight. And that is exactly what happened to our clients in Menlo Park.

Initially confident in their style, these busy executives soon realized they needed some expert guidance. This is a major benefit of working with a designer. We lead you through the exploration process to uncover your distinctive design style — and we have fun while doing it. The final result? A home that perfectly aligns with your vision, even if you didn’t see it coming.

Step 1: Our Exploration Process

Photography by Vivian Johnson Photography

Your home is about you — your sophisticated style, how you live, and the emotions it evokes. That’s why all of our projects kick off with a design questionnaire that’s more than just ticking boxes. We dive into your world of preferences, exploring favorite colors, discussing style, and so much more. But this process isn’t just about uncovering your desired aesthetic. It’s how we connect with you on a deeper level.

Truth is, figuring out someone’s style can be like a scavenger hunt, especially if Instagram and Pinterest aren’t their usual hangouts. Good news: we’ll never leave you stranded. With our expert guidance, we’ll navigate the terrain together, ultimately achieving a home that is not just visually stunning but distinctively yours.

Case in point: Our Menlo Park clients initially leaned towards Refined Luxe during the style quiz. However, as we began showing them furnishings and color schemes for this style, they weren’t quite feeling the vibe. Because flexibility is our forte, we shifted gears towards more modern rustic furnishings, a choice that ultimately revealed their authentic style.

Step 2. Defining The Design Direction



Once we lock in the overall aesthetic, we begin to bring the vision to life through mood boards. For our Menlo Park clients, we took inspiration from the Mediterranean charm of their existing home and their show-stopping brand-new backyard. Think stunning stone, captivating landscaping, and spaces perfect for hosting a good time.

Our mission for the interiors? Seamless connection with the outdoor spaces (for obvious reasons). Through a cohesive blend of soft curves, contemporary ironwork, earthy elements, and nature-inspired hues, we achieved that iconic modern rustic elegance our clients were looking for. Success.

Step 3. Bringing Your Vision to Life


As we move through the process, we’ll begin sourcing exact furnishings and materials that align with your design style, and we make it yours. Surprise — our Menlo Park Project is still in its final stages. We get it. Waiting isn’t fun. So, we thought we’d share some of the standout features headed your way soon:

  • Fun wallpaper in the entry and powder room. 
  • An enviable dressing room with mirrored cabinets. 
  • Custom rugs featuring yarn colors we hand-picked. 
  • Custom color backsplash tile in the kitchen. 
  • Metal and hand-blown glass chandelier in the dining room. 
  • A wine cellar with curved glass doors. 

It’ll be worth the wait… we promise.

What’s your design style?


Feeling a bit like our Menlo Park clients and not sure what your style is? Or maybe you *think* you know, but you’re having second thoughts. Discovering your aesthetic and style can feel like a daunting experience. Our style quiz is a great place to start. We promise it’s fun.

After you’re finished, reach out to us to talk about how we can help you bring it to life. Whether your style is Refined Luxe, Rustic Modern, or something else, we’re here to help you create a home that feels one-of-a-kind, elevated, and personal to you.



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