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Project Preview: Nature-Inspired Island Oasis in Maui



Picture this: It’s the break of dawn and you gaze outside your bedroom window to see exotic palm trees swaying to the rhythm of the wind. Beyond, stretches of pristine beaches meet the embrace of the Pacific Ocean. No, this isn’t Half Moon Bay or La Jolla Beach — it’s the allure of Maui, a true island of paradise.

This project is continually pushing us to design with resourcefulness and ingenuity (hello, middle of the ocean), and I can’t wait to give you a sneak peek of the work in progress…

Project Scope: Vacation Home Transformation

As a powerhouse businesswoman, our client wanted to enhance her vacation home in Maui — a retreat for quality time with her parents, dogs, boyfriend, and his trio of energetic kiddos. Since supporting women is my ethos, my team and I were beyond thrilled to dive into this project. (The trips to Hawaii didn’t hurt either.)


This vacation home is where our client plans to relax and create memories with her favorite people. Each space needed that extra design magic. While we’ve updated various rooms throughout this 10,000+ squarefoot estate, today’s spotlight is on the bunk rooms in the main house and guest bedrooms in the pool house.

The Bunk Room: A Fusion of Color & Rock n’ Roll


As we dove into her personal style, we wanted the bunk room to have a splash of Hawaii’s vibrant energy with a healthy dose of rock n’ roll. Woven textiles, nature-inspired wallpaper, playful floral patterns, pops of black and white, and a dash of edgy pillows… the ultimate combo.


Our client’s desire to maintain the cherry wood theme guided our choice of finishes, beginning with the bunk room. Our custom-designed bunk beds with integrated storage, while the walls embrace a softer-toned floral wallpaper to complement the lively textiles. Notice any familiar touches from our design concept board? Yup, the pillows and bedding.

Once a simple room, this space is transforming into a cozy reprieve, perfect for both the young and old to find their restful refuge. Curious about the final outcome? Well, you know what they say about good things and patience…

The Guest Bedrooms: Embracing Nature’s Tranquility


While jetting on a plane to Hawaii might be the dream, reality calls for a more practical approach to design. And that’s where our Designer on Demand service worked its magic. (No long TSA lines required.)

Our virtual presentations became the arena for pivotal design decisions, especially when it came to crafting the perfect ambience in the guest bedrooms. Through digital mood boards (above), we presented our ideas, allowing our client to envision the final result. Once approved, we took charge of sourcing, procurement, and installation.

Ready to see how it turned out?


On point, right? There’s no guesswork when we create digital collages, but there’s nothing quite like stepping into the real space. We’ve loved seeing our client’s selections come together to form beautiful bedrooms.

Each piece was carefully selected to complement the cherry wood trims and baseboards. The first guest bedroom is edgier with a monochromatic palette, highlighted by a queen-size cherry bed and playful hints of yellow. The stools and table infuse a touch of light wood for balance.


In the second guest bedroom, nature’s embrace inspired us. Think earthy tones echoing lucious Hawaiian rainforests — natural wood nightstands, a cozy brown abstract blanket, olive-colored table lamps, a woven area rug, and a green headboard as the focal point.

Ahhh… just the kind of space you want to come back to after adventures at the beach, isn’t it?

What’s Next?

Our design journey for this stunning vaca home is far from over. From the living room to the pool house lounge, patio, and TV area, we’re immersed in crafting every space to perfection. And when the final result is ready, you’ll be among the first to know — well, maybe the second. 😉


If you’re ready to renovate your home but crave the flexibility to complete it on your terms, our Designer on Demand service is your secret weapon. We’ll be there to guide you through the creative process, helping you shape a space that’s not just stunning, but full of personality and tailored to your lifestyle.



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