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Case Study: A Piedmont Home Transformation with Designer on Demand



In the world of interior design, making a statement is an art form. As designers, we create, refine, and elevate how you experience your home. But the truth is, not every client requires (or desires) the full-service design experience.

Enter this vibrant lesbian couple, known for their stylish fashion choices. They were eager to get hands-on in renovating their Piedmont home. Our solution? Designer on Demand.

Our Designer on Demand service is all about providing in-person or remote, by-the-hour access to our experienced team, offering as much or as little guidance and support as you need. It’s tailor-made for those with a strong sense of personal style and love for shopping but still value the expertise of an experienced designer. Perfect for clients like these. So, how does it work? I’m about to show you…

Step 1: Define the Scope 


The first step in the design process is to define the project’s scope. For Designer on Demand, this is when we focus on our client’s needs, where they want to take charge, and how we can lend our expertise. For this Piedmont Home Renovation, our clients needed: 

  • Furniture layouts for the living and dining rooms
  • Guidance in selecting kitchen finishes, lighting, and barstools
  • Assistance with choosing bathroom finishes
  • Cohesive paint colors throughout the home
  • Sourcing window treatments and area rugs
  • Advice on interior architecture, trim, and molding

With a clear understanding of the overarching vision, it was time to let the creativity flow…

Step 2: Developing Design Solutions

In close collaboration with our clients, our team curated the home’s color palette, a soothing collection of nature-inspired hues. We blended this color palette with a fusion of modern and classic elements and created inspiration boards.


In the past, I might have hesitated to work with independent clients with such strong preferences. But for Designer on Demand, they’re a perfect match. And our team isn’t the only ones experiencing the benefits. With DOD, our clients:

  • Enjoy a wide variety of exclusive shopping options. Nope, they’re no longer limited to the usual suspects like West Elm and Restoration Hardware.
  • Get to enjoy the shopping experience firsthand. Why should designers have all the fun?
  • Have the flexibility to ask for help when they want it and handle the details when their energy and availability align.

To me, it’s a win-win scenario. And the results? They speak for themselves…

Step 3: The Results


While we wait for the final images from this project, our clients are already experiencing the results firsthand. Safe to say, this Piedmont Project illustrates the transformative power of Designer on Demand. Some of the notable features include:

  • A luxurious bathroom with marble wainscoting that extends to encase all doorways
  • Walls dressed in hand-brushed lime-wash paint
  • A gorgeous marble fireplace
  • Hand-painted wallpaper in the dining room
  • A cozy breakfast nook with custom upholstery

Throughout the journey, we provided our clients with invaluable guidance and support, transforming what could have been an overwhelming renovation process into a fun, creative venture. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say about the experience:

“The entire team from Coddington was creative, kind, and patient throughout our renovation process. They were intent on understanding our style and goals for redesigning several rooms in our home. They consistently provided alternate ideas and thoughts to iterate and refine the overall vision to ensure it matched our preferences.”

If you’re ready to express your personal style while enjoying the support of experienced professionals, Designer on Demand might be the answer you’ve been looking for. You know where to find us.



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