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What Happens During Our Online Interior Design Service?


The last couple of years have pushed us to find innovative ways to help our clients create homes they love, despite the limitations. (I think we all know what those have been.) The result was our Online Interior Design Service for ongoing renovations and home furnishings projects—and this service has exceeded all our expectations.

I’ve mentioned this service before (here and here), but today, I’m giving it to you straight. We’ll dive into who it’s for, how it works, and what you can expect with us. If you’re short on time, here are all the things you get with our Online Interior Design Service compared to our other offerings. Otherwise, keep reading…


From our Scandi Modern project. Photographed by Vivian Johnson.

What is Our Online Interior Design Service?

Our Online Interior Design Service includes all of the perks of working with an interior designer, minus hands-on project and construction management. It’s also a service you can book hourly, which means that you get everything you need and nothing you don’t.


Plus, this service is entirely virtual, with the same quality of design as our in-person projects…so it’s now available nationwide. Worth celebrating, right?

Is This the Service for You?

Our Online Interior Design Service is perfect for you, if…

  • You want designer-level style that feels personal to you and your lifestyle
  • You want an expert to give you an interior design you can create yourself
  • You need materials selections and construction documents to give to your GC
  • You want to manage your own renovation or home furnishings project
  • You want confidence that your decisions, big and small, will be the right ones
  • You want help budgeting your project wisely
  • You want a sounding board when big questions come up from contractors or trades

All of this means that you get to be the CEO of your renovation with us by your side (virtually) to create the design and guide you along the way. 


From our Scandi Modern project. Photographed by Vivian Johnson.

How Our Online Interior Design Service Works

Initial Discovery & Design

Your project starts with a phone call from your designer. The two of you will go over the space and your desired outcome. We ask a variety of questions to get to know you and your family really well, which enables us to design a space that fits you perfectly. Then your designer starts creating your design plan. 

Your design plan includes: creating furniture layouts, sourcing furniture/lighting/decor, and mailing finish suggestions to you, such as paint colors, tile samples, or wallpaper. All of this will be sourced retail for you, which many designers will not do. However, we believe that an expertly designed home should be more accessible, so we work within your budget to deliver a high-quality, designer-level style.

Your designer will send you a curated board and/or shopping list with easily clickable links to purchase exactly what you want for your home. (Note: Due to Covid-19, materials are frequently back-ordered or discontinued. However, we know where to find the in-stock materials to keep your project moving! Read more about what’s with the longer lead times.)

Ongoing Support

After you’ve approved the design plan, you will start orchestrating your renovation with your contractor and trades. It sounds like a big job (and it is), but we are with you virtually every step of the way, offering guidance with unlimited meetings and communication between you and your designer. You will always have the support you need to make big decisions, overcome obstacles, and keep your project moving ahead.

P.S. We’re different from your last interior designer. We value clarity in our communication with you. Every week, you will receive a project update from your designer, letting you know what they have been working on and the next steps.


From our Scandi Modern project. Photographed by Vivian Johnson.

Is the Service Really 100% Virtual? 

Yes! (Isn’t technology great?) And the only reason this service works virtually is because we have spent years designing homes for clients in-person and our process is second to none. We spend a considerable amount of time getting to know you upfront, fully understanding your wants and needs, and building a trusting relationship that allows us to create a design you will love.

To ensure accurate floor plans and properly scaled furniture selections, we’ll ask you to provide precise measurements of your space. Don’t worry. We have tips and tricks to help you get it right. We also rely on video and phone calls to help you execute your project. 

Equally important, we have extensive experience with managing design projects, so we know exactly what to expect and how to help you troubleshoot anything that may come up. We have literally seen it all, and we don’t need to be there in person to help you avoid expensive mistakes, make smart decisions, or navigate setbacks with efficiency. Wherever you are in the country, we have your back.

Think this service could be right for you? We’d love to jump on a call, no strings attached, to see if there’s a good fit.

Reach out to us here + let’s get started.




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