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Our Favorite Fall Design Trends

Design: Coddington Design, Photography: Vivian Johnson

Great design transcends any calendar, but we are happy to see some of the new, fresh, creative finds this fall season has brought us to carry us into 2021.


Let’s start with color. This past year brought us a super primary classic blue from Pantone. It was BOLD and striking. Let’s leave that one in the past. 2021 is bringing in a fresher, earthier color palette with Benjamin Moore naming Aegean Teal its highest accolade, Color Trend of the Year. It’s sort of a robin’s egg teal.

It may not be your fave, but you will start seeing these colors seep into design and home accessories over the next few months. Here is Benjamin Moore’s palette of colors they suggest pairing or accenting with.

Concealed Kitchens

Image credit: Hub Kitchens

You probably already hide your appliances away behind closed doors and likely have an integrated panel fridge, but the latest European kitchen trend of a fully concealed kitchen is finally making its way to the US. Smarter and cleaner kitchens are on the rise. Have a peek at your existing countertops….all that stuff? Poof, hidden. Everything from outlets to faucets are tucked out of sight. This trend works beautifully in an open plan, contemporary kitchen of any size.

The Dinette

Image Credit: Coddington Design, Photographer: Vivian Johnson

We all know that the Covid pandemic has changed the way we need our house to function on a daily basis. Maybe the formal dining space has turned into an e-learning classroom or your new work from home office? Large holiday gatherings downsized? The dining space is downsizing too. The small daily eating area, a casual table and a chair for everyone. This right-sized eating area off of the kitchen features beautiful bleached oak shelves to match- for excellent additional storage.

The Moody Room

This may be my fave trend currently, the moody bedroom. Not fussy, bedding is kept natural and simple. Luxury textiles and an earthy calm palette to help you drift off. The kind of bedroom you sink into with the lights low. Minimal clutter and maximum chill. After the 2020 we’ve had, this is exactly what we all need.

Image Credit: John Lewis

Want to see how we can bring the fall design trends to your space? Set up your free Discovery call HERE and have a chat with one of our amazing designers. We look forward to talking to you!

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