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Outsourcing 101: Creating Space for What You Love

Have you ever glanced at your to-do list and realized you don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish it all? Me, too. Between work responsibilities, passion projects, the kids’ schedules, and the demands of life at home, our plates always seem to be full. And let’s be honest, we weren’t meant to “do it all ourselves.” This is not the ‘50s.

If you’re like us, you’ve likely already started delegating in your professional life or outsourcing help around the house. If so, you’ve probably felt the joy and empowerment that comes from getting your time back. It’s addictive. To help you take your outsourcing further — and give you some new ideas — I’ve crowdsourced the Coddington team to show you what we outsource in our own lives. (Tip: This is one you’ll want to bookmark.)

How to Prioritize What to Outsource

First, priorities are key. You could technically outsource anything and everything, but that won’t necessarily lead to peace. Start by identifying what you value the most and what may be getting in your way of achieving your goals. Ask yourself:

  • Where do you want to focus your energy? What tasks don’t fit into this vision?
  • What can be done efficiently and quickly by a professional who specializes in this task?
  • What makes your life or routine easier and less complicated?
  • What domestic chores have you and your partner butting heads at home?

Your answers will direct you toward the best tasks to outsource, ushering happiness and free time in their places. Here’s what our team outsources…

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1. TaskRabbit

If you’ve ever had a daunting task on your to-do list that you can’t bring yourself to do, then TaskRabbit is for you. Whether running errands, assembling furniture, hanging mirrors, or raking leaves, TaskRabbit can help you find someone to complete your task with skill and precision.

Simply post your request and wait for a professional to accept. Then, you can review ratings and reviews to ensure they align with your project goals before hiring. Note: You’ll only want to hire taskers with great reviews and, in turn, leave a glowing review if you’re pleased with their work.

2. HelloTech Help

Have a question about how to fix your printer? Need to increase the speed of your internet connection? Or maybe you’re looking for a professional to wire your home theater system? Whatever the case, HelloTech is an excellent source for those complicated tech and installation issues.

With options to pay by the visit or sign up for a monthly service and receive unlimited help, there is something to fit whatever you need.

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3. Say Goodbye to Laundry with Rinse

If your family is anything like mine, the laundry cycle is neverending. Instead of wasting one more moment matching missing socks, send your laundry to a professional cleaning service, like Rinse.

Rinse makes outsourcing your laundry easy and super convenient. Fill the bag with your dirty laundry, and the service will pick it up and return it to you in a few days — freshly folded! Then, all you have to do is put your clean clothes back into the drawers. No hassle involved.

4. Make a Style Statement with Rent the Runway

If you’re going to dress up, why not help the planet simultaneously? With Rent the Runway, you can borrow beautiful designer clothes for one-off events and return them after. It’s the perfect solution if you’re looking to make a statement without buying that single-use item that just ends up crowding your closet. Plus, renting clothes saves water and energy consumption while reducing our carbon footprint.

Rent the Runway has everything from casual wear to evening gowns and cocktail dresses. Each rental comes with free shipping and returns, so you can try on as many dresses as you desire before deciding which is perfect for your event. Your rental will arrive in a stylish box, ready to be conveniently shipped back once you’re finished. They truly make it effortless.

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5. Gourmet Grocery Delivery with Good Eggs

Chances are you’ve utilized a grocery delivery service before, but Good Eggs is next-level. They offer high-quality, organic, and sustainable products delivered straight to your door. They’ll even send you a text informing you they’re on the way. Not only that, but they’ll ensure your food is local, sustainable, and as fresh as possible. Bonus: They offer meal kits for even easier dinner prep.

6. Interior Design Support with Coddington Design

Our Designer on Demand service is the perfect way to start a design project without worrying about hiring and managing an interior designer. With our team at your fingertips, you can lead the project while getting expert advice and support whenever you need it.

We’re not about egos, long-term commitments — unless you want them. Instead, we’re here to ensure your vision comes to life, so you can focus on the things that bring you the most joy. If you’re ready to outsource the beauty of a warm and welcoming home for your entire family, you know where to find us.



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