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Project Preview: Cheeky Modern San Francisco Home


Have you ever walked into a design showroom? Feels like a museum, doesn’t it? Perfect coiffed pillows. Shelves styled with NASA-like precision. (Watch those elbows.) Strange lighting that doesn’t show off your best side. Yes, these spaces are stunning in appearance, but are they really designed for living? Not quite.

The project preview I’m sharing with you today is the exact opposite — designed for daily life. (You thought I was going in a whole different direction, didn’t you?)

Our clients, a young professional couple living in a hip neighborhood of San Francisco, were craving a beautiful minimalistic space that they wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining. As we dove into their personal style, we realized that the perfect design would be modern, relaxed, and…cheeky. We’re in.

Although this project is still in the works, we can’t resist giving you a peek…

Living Room Renderings

Our clients’ living room must-haves included high-quality furnishings that would withstand daily use but not look flashy, trendy, or over-designed. They also wanted modern, clean lines but with a dash of fun so it wouldn’t feel too serious. Here’s what we came up with:


Rendering A (left) embraced the family’s desire for understated, refined style. A modern yet timeless sofa and media console ground the design in tasteful, not ostentatious, sophistication. We also selected industrial elements, like metal finishes, to integrate well with the black iron beams. And last but not least, we cheeky’d it up with this fun, organic wallpaper.

Rendering B had the same minimal design and furnishing selections but with bright walls instead of wallpaper. The clients ultimately prefered Rendering B, but they loved the wallpaper so much that we put it in another room. Done and done.

Living Room Final Selections

Once our clients selected and approved the renderings, we sourced the furnishings we proposed bringing into the space. We placed all final selections into a Pinterest board so our clients could see how they would work together. 


If you ask me, this leather scoop chair is pretty cheeky, too.

See? Minimal design doesn’t have to be limited to clean lines and neutral color palettes. With the right materials, colors, and shapes, it can be minimal and lively.

Other Rooms: We also sourced furniture, rugs, and wallpaper for the dining room, office, primary bedroom, guest bedroom, and music room…but you’ll have to wait to see those. 

The Pillow Plan

One of the unique elements of this space was a pillow plan for the bay window seat in their primary bedroom. The pillow plan we designed included precise dimensions to ensure the pillow positioning would be custom-made to fit their space flawlessly. (You ask, we answer.)


Cheeky Powder Room

Powder rooms are great places to get a little adventurous with design, and these clients were up for it. We added this nature-inspired wallpaper to their space…but with a twist. Can you spot the anomaly?


Alien Toile wallpaper will have their guests double-taking faster than you can say, Beam me up, Scotty. These are paired with the innocent onlookers: a modern black and white vanity, subway tile, and natural wood accent that matches the rest of the home. 

What’s coming next?

Move-in day is quickly approaching for our clients, and these two are ready to enjoy their updated home. Once this project is complete, you’ll be the first to know. Okay, the second. We’ll invite them home first. 😉

In the meantime, are you ready to take on your own home project but need the flexibility to complete it on your own terms? Our Online Interior Design service is a perfect option. We’ll guide you through the design process, leading you to an elevated, livable space that supports your lifestyle. 




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