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#Styling Secrets Series: Enjoy the Hell out of Every Room in Your House

Photo: Mike Garten

If you’re like us, you registered for the most beautiful place setting, stemware and flatware… When was the last time you used it?

Balancing your tea on your lap while searching for the remote?

Fireplace lit only during the holidays?

Drinking your wine from a plastic Pokemon cup?

We are all a little guilty of this. We’re all “saving it” or “waiting for” the perfect occasion to break out the good stuff. Or managing just fine without having the little things that would make life a little… nicer.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it should be that you can’t predict the future. There is no point in saving everything nice for a later date. Go ahead and use the good stuff. You may be surprised how the little things, the nice things can change your day/mood/outlook for the better and make your everyday space more like the dream room you’ve imagined.

I’m sharing a few of my favorites to help you start enjoying the hell out of every room in your house. Some of these seem obvious, but in the craziness of our everyday lives, sometimes we overlook the details that make a difference.

A PLACE TO REST (your drink)

It is super annoying to get hunkered down to watch your current binge show and realize you have nowhere to put your drink/remote/phone. And no, the arm of the sofa is not a great solution…

Order the side table, get a table lamp (dimmable is a great option). Wouldn’t it be great to put your feet up as well? Hello ottoman! Snuggly throws are also a must as the weather chills and Netflix is calling you. Here is a great one, alpaca. And a stash all box to hide the remotes. You’ll never have to cushion dig again.

Carryout Night, Elevated

My favorite Indian restaurant has not disappointed me once during these many days of “what’s for dinner?” And while I am all for convenience, the day I decided to serve the tikka on the fancy china was clearly memorable. An ordinary Wednesday night turned special. More than that, I felt good about using them. They were wedding gifts, and I’m pretty sure the people who gave them to us wanted us to use them, enjoy them and treasure them. Not sequester them to the buffet until the VIP guests arrive. Love this flatware!

On that same note, wine. I am guilty of pouring myself a lovely Cabernet into a plastic kids cup (gasp). Use the stemware, please. You know the wine will taste better (the wine hits your palette the right way if you’re using the right glass for the right wine, “the more you know….”), but it’s more about how you’ll feel.
Elevate a few everyday go-to’s and you’ll change the way you feel about not only dinner, but your kitchen or dining room.

Take some time for yourself now, make a few changes, and make your space a dream space. It’s your home, you may as well enjoy the hell out of it!

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