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2022 Interior Design Trends: What’s In and Out?


In full-service interior design, “trend” can be a bit of a no-no. Why? A trend is only in style for a minute. Then boom, it’s dated. As Heidi Klum says, “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” 

You don’t want that for your home, I bet. When you invest significant time and money into your home, you want to create an environment that stands the test of time. So how do you avoid trendy remodel regret? 

Well, this is exactly why we take a personal approach to design. After all, if your home is based on what you and your family’s love (and how you live), it won’t go out of style! (Wondering what your personal style is? Take our style quiz to find out.)

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should ignore trends entirely. They can tell us what speaks to us, or inspire other ideas that feel just right. So today, we’re giving you the inside scoop on the trends we’re seeing, following 3 categories:

  • What’s in for now
  • What’s in to stay
  • What’s on the way out:

Can you guess what they are?

Trends in Vogue, For Now

Arches: Arches are super trendy right now. You’ll see them everywhere, from doorways to cabinets to mirror frames. You could say they’re having a moment…and for a good reason. Their graceful curve is calming, elegantly minimal, and pleasing to the eye. 

The best way to incorporate them into your home? Highlight your ceiling height with an arched doorway or take it a step further and pair it with contrasting paint or lively wallpaper. 


Mural Walls: Mural walls are more than just a repetitive patterned wallpaper – it’s a one-of-kind large scale art piece that creates an ambiance. Bonus? It can also double as a Zoom or Instagram background. Get creative! If you’re an art lover, you have the option to select a custom hand-painted piece. Otherwise, we’d suggest a digitally printed option for the cost-conscious. (Looking for more creative ways to spruce up your walls? Discover our favorite solutions here.)

Private Spaces: This is probably the most impactful post-Covid home design trend. Remember when working from home and extended amounts of forced “togetherness” was a thing? Yep, that’s exactly when we all realized that personal space is essential. The open concept great room (kitchen, dining, and family room combo) is being traded for divided areas with clear, sanity-preserving boundaries. 

2022 interior design trends coddington-design-marin-county-project-reveal-living-room-with-large-windows-and grey-sectional

From The Piedmont Project

Timeless Trends

Sourcing Locally: As many commercial supply chains screech to a halt, people are turning to local suppliers more than ever. And why not?! We love sourcing from local artists, artisans, and craftspeople in the Bay Area. By sourcing locally, you also boost your local economy and purchase top-quality products. This also means that your craftspeople are far more likely to be working in an ethical and human environment. This trend is a no-brainer. (Check out a few of our favorite Bay Area shops.)

Sustainability: The availability of sustainable products has grown significantly over the years. Although looking for low-VOC and foam alternatives is essential, we also keep up to date with material sustainability factors. For example, there is overlogging of rare and tropical wood species, a big problem for the ecosystem and global communities. Let us help you find sustainable alternatives. 

Authenticity: Design your home for YOU and it’ll always be in style. That means filling your home with pieces that bring you joy. If there is an element you can’t stand, it has no place in your home. It’s out. No matter what the current trends are, design a home that you love and serves you well. That’s timeless.

2022 interior design trends bathroom soothing neutral colors not all white

From The Piedmont Project

Say Goodbye to These Styles

Modern Farmhouse: Sorry, Joanna Gaines, this signature style is on its way out. The market has been oversaturated, and the modern farmhouse style is losing its appeal.

Open Kitchen Shelving: Have you fallen for perfectly accessorized open shelving photos on Pinterest? Yes, they look sleek and cool, but people are beginning to realize that they are a dusty way to store your dishes. If you love it, go for it. If you don’t, save yourself the trouble.

All White/Gray Interiors: For the past 5 years, all we’ve seen in homes is 50 shades of gray. But with so much time at home, people are over living with an institutional feeling of color. Now, brilliant colors, natural textures, and more refined neutrals are the way to go.

Trendy or Timeless…What’s Your Choice?

Is there a trend you love? Or something you can’t stand? Or maybe you’re somewhere in between and you’re just not sure. Get started with our helpful style quiz to find your personal style.

Already know what you love and feel eager to make a plan? We’ve got you. Book a discovery call with us, and we’ll support you in the process of creating a timeless home you’ll love for years to come. Oh — and it’ll be fun, too.




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