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Kid & Pet Proof Furniture

Credit: Tessa Nuestadt

Coddington Design is known for creating livable, approachable rooms. As a small but mighty team of working moms, we understand that not all the perfect rooms you see on Pinterest will stand up to the torment from the pups and kiddos.

Interior designers aren’t exempt and we all have some “someday you’ll laugh at this” moments we’d rather erase. Melinda’s son took an orange sharpie to her pale cream, custom semi sheer drapery panels. Her daughter had some fun with thinking putty on her Parachute bed linens. No, it didn’t come out. Mommy was not happy. Taylor’s daughter took scissors to her custom drapes and my son scribbled on my Cole & Son wallpaper.

Over the years we have compiled many many tricks to minimize the damage. Here are some highlights on how to kid/pet proof your house and still keep it beautiful.

Credit: Coddington Design/Photography: Vivian Johnson


Wool is by far the most durable fiber and our top recommendation to our clients with pets and kids. We have folks who can reweave the banding, repair the knotting and clean it to a “nothing happened here” level. Keeping the pile low and tight will usually keep fido away. It also makes for easy spot cleaning. Jute may seem cool and durable, but it is nearly impossible to clean, even for the pros. It collects dirt and hair and if an unfortunate mess happens, getting the excess “stuff” out is nearly impossible.


I’m self taught on this one, but using outdoor fabrics for drapery is a great way to save them in case of rogue marker attacks. Outdoor fabrics do NOT need to be heavy canvas (think sunbrella), they now come in beautiful drapery weights and varying levels of sheer and many can be machine washed or spot cleaned. The other advantage is that most are anti fade and anti moisture. Strong is the new pretty.


AHHHH, yes, The epitome of style and grace. Pristine. If you’re ready to plunge into the realm of snow white furniture there are a few things you should know when picking the fabric. First, weave matters. A wide woven all white linen will be an absolute bitch to clean. The slubs and valleys, beautiful as they are, make it very very difficult to remove. I recommend to clients a flat, tightly woven fabric or something with a low pile. Here are some great examples.

Second, make sure the cushions are flippable and not attached. This seems like bachelor pad mentality, but being able to rotate the wear and tear on the fabric will give your furniture extra life. If the cat claws a cushion you can remove it easily for repair without having to send in the entire sofa.

Leather is a great option for the messy little people. Cleanable, self healing and super durable. Most leathers age well and get better over time with proper cleaning and conditioning. Vinyl, aka faux leather, is bulletproof and a wonderful alternative. Ink is a true enemy of leather – my ottoman is covered in it. Here is a great product to try if you’ve gotten ink on leather.

Not sure which sofa to order or looking for a more custom drapery look? Check out our remote Design Services and book your free Discovery Call with Taylor. We would love to work with you and make your kid and pet proof home both tough and pretty!


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