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What is Luxury Interior Design?


When it comes to luxury interior design, your thoughts might drift towards five-star hotels and expansive spaces dripping with opulence. But let’s be real: luxury is subjective, and the term is thrown around a lot. What’s considered luxurious to one person may not be the same for another.

True luxury design goes beyond a dollar sign or a spread in a high-end magazine. It’s about transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens that reflect you and your lifestyle. It’s an art form that transcends aesthetics. Sure, these spaces are undeniably gorgeous, but there’s much more simmering beneath the surface…

coddington-design-marin-county-ca-what-is-luxury-interior-design-purple-accent-chairs-modern-art-marble-fireplace-luxury-living-room-designPhotography by David Duncan Livingston

Luxury design strategically marries form and function.

Luxury design isn’t just about looking good; it’s about thoughtfully blending form and function. In each of our designs, every detail is carefully considered to serve a purpose and elevate your everyday experience of home. Whether it’s genius space planning, strategic furniture layouts, or innovative storage solutions, each element is crafted to ensure optimal comfort, functionality, and a cohesive aesthetic. The result? A home that functions as good as it looks, making your life more efficient and practical.

coddington-design-bay-area-ca-what-is-luxury-interior-design-kitchen-design-marble-countertops-custom-cabinetry-open-shelvingPhotography by David Duncan Livingston

Luxury design embraces quality and craftsmanship.

With luxury design, you can always expect high-quality materials that are both beautiful and durable. Think natural elements like marble countertops, hardwood floors, and rich textiles. But authentic luxury is much more than the materials themselves. The artistry and craftsmanship give a space that next-level vibe.

We collaborate with skilled artisans who pour their heart and soul into every detail. From custom-built furniture to expertly curated art collections, these bespoke elements are the hallmarks of luxury design — the finishing touches that give it that signature chef’s kiss perfection.


Photography by Vivian Johnson

Luxury design is tailored to you.

Some will tell you that luxury design should be timeless and immune to trends, but you already know how I feel about timeless design. The beauty of luxury design is that it can gracefully evolve, just like your life. 

Your home should reflect you – a personal sanctuary infused with character, memories, and positive energy. Instead of adhering to a “timeless trend,” it should align seamlessly with your style and cater to your ever-changing needs. Choosing every detail to your liking, from the statement-making fixtures to the soul-soothing color palette — well, that’s the ultimate luxury.

coddington-design-mill-valley-ca-what-is-luxury-interior-design-custom-furniture-millwork-leather-sofa-mudroom-designPhotography by David Duncan Livingston

Luxury design is an immersive experience.

More than just looks, luxury design is about how you want to feel in your space. It should stimulate the senses and envelop you in an immersive experience. Details matter. As interior designers, we’re obsessed with ensuring everything involved – from lighting and textures to aromas – creates a cohesive, impactful environment.

And this extends beyond the physical space itself. As luxury designers, we always prioritize a seamless and efficient experience for you, ensuring a well-coordinated journey from start to finish. We’re all about top-notch service with unparalleled excellence.

coddington-design-marin-ca-what-is-luxury-interior-design-bathroom-renovation-subway-tile-free-standing-tub-double-vanityPhotography by Vivian Johnson

Are you ready to make your home feel like a true sanctuary where luxury reflects your individuality? You know where to find us.



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